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A story about refactoring, decentralized architectures and fast moving teams - Nick Balestra

Talk in Italian While microservices are common architectures for the backend, most frontend layers are still running as monolithic applications. Therefore building, deploying and consuming frontend features across a diversity of teams and web applications can be a daunting task, especially at scale. In this talk I'll walk you through our refactoring journey that led us to a decentralized microfrontend architecture. We’ll see how at OpenTable we enable fast-moving teams to easily build and independently deploy micro frontends using OpenComponents: an open-source, battle tested, framework for painless microfrontends delivery. Speaker: Nick Balestra (http://nick.balestra.ch) Nick is a Software Engineer. He currently works at OpenTable in the DX team, writing Node and JavaScript tools to empower fast-moving teams to easily build and deploy features at scale. OpenComponents core team.

FrontEnders Ticino:

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